About Our Company

man holding a paint bucket

​At Lakeland Paint Company we are a company built around the needs of our customers. We literally started painting anything and everything that people gave us a chance too. Little did we know that this would become one of the main assets that we are able to bring to the table as a company. Being able to handle the toughest and oddest paint jobs out there. It has been quite a while since we first started and today we have all of the top of the line equipment necessary to perform all sorts of paint jobs. The drive with which we started the company though remains the exact same.

We are still on the lookout for the most challenging projects out there. We know that we won’t be able to take the projects that we finish home with us when we are done. We want our customers though to be as proud as we are about the jobs that we handle. We know that every time we are going to be called in to do a new paint job everything about that job is going to be unique. From the people that we are going to have to work with to the walls or gates that we are going to have to paint. That is exactly though how we prefer things. We offer a unique service that will be geared to the needs and desires of each individual client that gives us a call!