​​Fencing & Gate

fence painting

Fences and gates, for the most part, are built to stand for a long time. At times though even when the gates have no real structural problems they can begin to look old and worn out. That is exactly where we come in! At Lakeland Painting Company we can take care of the regular maintenance services that fences and gates need to continue looking their best. These services may include providing entirely new paint jobs. Applying special protective coating to gates that are made of wood or other types of materials. We want to highlight what we can provide for each type of fence or gate!

Wooden Fences Or Gates

While we did group fences and gates together here, for the most part, they are not that much alike. Why do we say that? Well for the most part wooden fences will stand on lawns or covering backyards and pools. Wooden gates will adorn the entrance to homes. So their size shape and use really vary. In wooden fences that stand in backyards the most important thing is to let stains build up. We can apply the coating and paint to make sure that these fences don’t stain easily. Also keeping gates and fences smooth and free from splinters is really one of the main challenges that we can take on.

Vinyl Fences Or Gates

There are plenty of advantages towards going with vinyl fences and gates and not wood. Sure you don’t get that natural look that you do with wood, but they are typically more durable and easier to clean. With vinyl fences just applying a couple of coats of fresh paint every now and then can keep the fences and gates looking as good as new. For the most part, this is one of the quickest services that we can actually offer.

Steel or Aluminum Sheets

Some fences or gates will have a steel frame that supports another type of material like wood. It is important to point out that the treatment that is required on the wooden part of the fence or gate is not the same as the one required for steel or aluminum. In these cases what we will be fighting against will be rust and erosion. The best way to that is to apply special paint and coating that stay perfectly on any type of metal structure. Sometimes we may need to scrape off some of the rust or other types of residue from the metal to make sure that we can apply the coating properly.

What Do You Have In Mind?

We really don’t talk a lot about the type of colors or coatings that we can apply to all sorts of structures. We just think that it is a given that any respectable paint service should be able to match any color that you are looking for! Call or contact us today and tell us about the project you want to undertake. We can give you some suggestions and then provide a professional service that will make you glad you gave us a call in the first place!