​​Wood Finishing

Wood finishing is a process that can involve applying many different types of coating and polishes to wood to make it stand out more and to make sure that it can look that way for an extended period of time. Not applying any type of finish to the wood can cause a lot more splinters to build up so it doesn’t work great on doors or fences. We can apply different types of finishes to match the look that you are looking for. Whether it be a very shiny almost artificial look or a more natural wood finish!

We First Have To Make Sure The Surface Is Smooth

The first step in all wood finishes is sanding out the surface to make sure that is smooth enough to be able to take the finish in properly. We usually sand surfaces out by hand. This could vary though depending on the size of the wooden gate or door that we happen to be working on. While we typically don’t work a lot with floors we can also help make sure that true wooden floors keep looking their best for years to come!

Bleaching & Stain Removal 

As we’ve constantly mentioned in other areas of the site wood is one of those materials that are highly prone to developing stains and losing its original color or flair. One of the ways to remove large stains is to apply bleach on the wooden surface after sanding. This can really help a wooden surface essentially start over. Since bleach though can really affect the wood we usually only use it in small portions on specific areas that have been stained. As just painting over a stain sometimes is not the best way to cover them up. In any case, it is a procedure that has to be applied with extreme caution.

Re-Coloring The Wood

As we’ve said there are many types of chemicals that can be used in what is known as the wood finishing process. Different types of wood will take to specific types of chemicals better than others. That is why it is very important that when we actually go to apply the refinishing touches we chose the best type of chemical to be able to have a durable wood finish that will not be detrimental to the actual surface. We have a vast experience in this regard and can help chose exactly the right type of paint or polish.

What Type Of Wooden Surfaces Can You Take Care Of?

We talked a little bit about the fact that we can help you sand polish floors, but that they really aren’t part of our main services. If you have looked over other areas of the site you know that we usually work with doors, gates, fences and just about anything that can be located both indoors and outdoors. If you happen to need some help with a specific type of structure don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always up to take on new challenges.