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At the Lakeland Paint Company, we are painting professionals that can take care of all your painting needs. Whether you need a restoration service or to paint a new home for the first time we can be there to help. When it comes to painting services we know that it may be really tough choosing the right ones for your painting needs. We have a large portfolio filled with the jobs that we have done for previous clients. 

So even maybe a quick drive down the streets of Lakeland or neighboring areas may let you see the best Painters Lakeland FL has to offer!

About Us
We are a company that was born out of just literally driving around Lakeland and finding out that people had a lot of need for painters in the area. We started providing services locally and before we knew it we had gathered a vast experience working in interiors and exteriors and really mastering different painting techniques through our work and taking courses and really being able to professionalize our services. Today we can say that we are a group of professional painting contractors that handle any type of paint job you could throw at them!

Our Services

​As we are sure you can imagine by now we handle all sorts of paint jobs. When we say that we really mean it. We have worked on exterior paint jobs in homes or commercial buildings. While also doing so for interior paint jobs. We can pretty much paint anywhere you need us to. We will make sure that even those high, hard to reach places are properly painted! If you need a paint job done you should give us a call!


Residential Painting
Are you tired of looking up at your ceiling and seeing that same old dull color on it? A new paint job can give your home an entirely different look. It may be the best way to give your home an upgrade without having to break the bank. We can take care of both interior paint jobs as well as painting anything that is currently standing outdoors!

Commercial Painting
Do you need to paint your store or office building? Whether you need work done on the interiors or on exteriors we can help. We know that for the most part, you won’t want us to come in and work at the same time that your business is open. What we can do in these cases is try to work outside of your business hours. That way we get a chance to work without getting in your way and you can keep customers coming in even in the middle of a project. If you have any type of commercial painting need we can be there to help you out!

Our jobs in interior areas include all types of walls, doors, and ceilings. We can basically handle any type of interior job. We provide all of the necessary cover-ups to specific areas before we begin to paint. That way you won’t have to worry about any types of stains on floors or carpets that would otherwise come from painting services. We can work quickly and efficiently to make sure that your living spaces are perfectly painted.

Fencing & Gate
Wood Finishing

When it comes to exteriors there are a lot of things that you may need us to paint. For the most part, when we paint exteriors we know ahead of time that we are going to have to paint at higher altitudes. We have all of the necessary equipment to make sure that we can handle any paint job under the sun. Give us a call so we can set up a meeting with you and talk about all of the exteriors that you may need to be painted!

Fencing & Gate
Fences and gates are built to last. At times though the original paint job may not be as durable as the actual gate. When this happens the original colors will look dull and the entire area may begin to look old and not properly taken care of. A simple paint job can get an old fence or gate looking as good as new. We can also help give your gates and fences a new look paint job that will make it look like you had a major renovation done.

Wood Finishing
Wood finishes can be a great option to use on doors and gates. They can give your home or business that fancy finish that you may be looking for. Over time though if not treated properly the wood can start to look battered by the excessive sunlight. Especially if these wood structures are standing on exterior parts of your home or business. We can help make sure those wood finishes remain looking fresh even years after they were first installed.

Contact Us Today

​Are you looking to give any part of your home or business a new look? This can all start with a new paint job. We can make old spaces look brand new just bringing on a couple of layers of fresh paint. Call or contact us today so that we can set up a meeting with you. We can discuss all of the available paint options for all of your living spaces. We can also let you look at our extensive portfolio of past jobs. This may help give us a greater understanding of the services that we are able to provide. While giving you a bunch of new ideas of what your home or business could look like!

I wanted to be able to give my shop a new paint job, but I didn’t want this to get in the way of my customers. Thankfully I found Lakeland Paint Company. They fully understood that I wanted them to work outside of business hours. Before I knew I had a brand new paint job! – Steven I
I wanted to renovate the entire interior look of my home. I didn’t know who could help though. I got on the phone and called Lakeland Paint Company right from the start I loved their services. They made some great suggestions and I really liked their sense of style. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks! – Sophia C
I don’t like to have my home looking the same all of the time. That is why I regularly have the guys at Lakeland Paint Company regularly come in and give some new ideas on how to upgrade my home with a paint job. I fully recommend their services! – Kara P.